Friends List - Option to Hide

Why isn’t this an option already? We should be able to hide our friends list from others if we don’t want it to be flaunted around. You can easily see every person someone talks to by simply right-clicking their name - view friends - scroll. I can’t be the only one who sees this as a problem, right?


I totally agree, platforms such as Steam already have this feature for a long time. It helps prevent people just adding friends randomly and spamming them etc. (my experience) . . I think that since it’s something small to add to the platform it should have been here already. It gives people an option to get more privacy if they want that :slight_smile: .


Why is this not an option?
It seems so obvious to anyone who admins…


I feel it is violating my privacy. Why am I not in charge of when I want whom to know what I am doing?

I haven’t been using any Blizzard products for at year now, and I guess I need to find alternatives for the future aswell.

There are som hacks using the firewall to port-block the chat-servers, but thats just at stupid work around for something that should be an obviously offered setting: masterofwarcraft net from 2013 (don’t know if it still works).

I get it… there are more money in making sure that the social aspects are smooth… but to me, I don’t like, not to be in charge of my own data or at least just being able to play a game in peace.

Please, please, please make such a functin within settings :heartpulse:


Comeon how do i turn off this friends list… get this out of my face and ill be back …

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What the hell are you guys thinking changing it to this??
Did anyone in the world ask for a change? No, because there was no need.
Now there is a need for change, please give us the option to revert back to the old style. Or just do things right, so simple. Starting to think none of you actually even play games or know whats right for us, just there to make $$ without a care in the world.


Because in Blizz mind they think we all need to meet some1 and or get married with someone in their community. So thinking like they are thinking, just say thanks that they didn’t make it even bigger.

You can change Privacy settings in the main website Bnet account.

Uncheck the option to suggest friends. That should prevent you from being on any suggestion lists.

Considering it took almost a decade to make, (laugh or cry, you decide) and they have not done it – they obviously do not care what any of us have to say considering we are likely to just continue to shovel them money for their obvious poor decision making.

But this isn’t a solution. The issue wasn’t being removed from “suggestion lists”, it was that my friends list is visible to all my friends when I don’t want it to be.


they didn’t make it as an option until now?

2024 and still no privacy options to hide friends from others. Like every single platform out there (even non-game related) has friends list visibility, it’s a necessary privacy option.

I believe there is an option to do that. From your Battlenet App click the Friends Settings. That opens your Account Privacy Settings here on the website.

At the very bottom is an option to control who can see your Bnet Profile.

Profile Visibility
Allow other users to view this account’s profile in the Desktop and Mobile Apps. The profile includes a custom text status, games played, and social connections.
That seems to be where others can view your Friends List. Set that to whatever you prefer, including “Only Me” . Then people can’t see your details on your Profile.

Also make sure that in those Privacy Settings you turn of the option to be included in Friends of Friends suggestions. It is a different option on that page. Actually, review all of them carefully! :slight_smile: