Friends list in battlenet launcher and in game not showing

the battlenet app and while in game r not showing my friends. even if i logout/reset my battle net


Same here, I even did all the trouble shooting - deleting caches, logging in and out etc. It’s also not showing in the Bnet app.

Im having the same issue all my friends on my bnet list are gone in the launcher as well as in game. I really hope this is fixed and i didn’t lose everyone! That would be super duper sad and crappy!

Exact same. Hoping this is a result of the known issue affecting their authentication servers, and will resolve itself.

Ditto here.

I was in D3 doing bounties when I started getting an error when talking in party text chat. Since one of the members was a bnet friend, I tried messaging them both in game and through the bnet desktop app but nothing went through and I got an error every time, respectively.

I restarted my computer and reopened bnet, but now my friend list is now completely gone. I tried restarting bnet again, logging out and back in, etc, and even got on my old computer to log in there. No friends. My phone app also has zero friends.

I am having the same problem and now I can’t login and I was in the middle of a game with my closest friend, thanks a lot.

Bumping this because me and a couple friends are having the exact same issue today

No friends list and unable to get into my guild information on all characters

same issue, was there a fix for the issue?

I am having same issues with my friends list and chat groups.

Here for obviously the same reason :confused: was hoping for a fix beyond the obvious ones.

having the same issue as well. even after the troubleshooting steps

Same here! Uninstalled, rebooted, deleted caches, etc. Not showing names in game, just Unknown-offline