Friends gone on Android

So yet again this bug has returned. No friends or chat history shows up.

Reinstalling the app or factory resetting the phone does NOT fix this.


Same issue… Android phone and missing friend list and chats… Cant add friends, says they added already. Restart or reinstall doesnt help

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Seems to work again now for me, can you check?

Similar problem here.

One moment it worked. Closed the app for abit. 10 minutes later no friends. No chats. Readding people just states you already are friends.

Seems bugged again. Oh well…

Same issue on my tablet and phone Blizz mobile apps.

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The only thing that seems to work for me is changing my password. I relogged into mobile app afterwards and all my contacts showed up

This worked for me too, then the app updated again and the bug returned. I don’t want to have to change my password and unattach and reattach my authenticator and reauthenticate my PC and phone every time they update the app. Pretty damn annoying.

Have this bug on my tablet too. Out of nowhere luckily phone still works. But so annoying.

Same problem here, no friends on iPhone and iPad. Tried reinstall and nope . Works fine on the computer

I can’t login to the mobile app battle .net
Are you able to log in?

Exactly, the phone language was in turkish when i selected english usa it worked…! this is ridiculous but :))

This just happened to me for the first time. :frowning: