Friend note disappearing while on 'favorites'


Hello! So I have recently encountered a small but tedious issue with the bnet desktop app where if I have a friend added as “favorites” and they have a friend “note”. (I have 10 people added to “favorites” and they all have “notes” set for them)…it is happening to one particular friend, constantly. It happens when I close and reopen the app itself. Lets say I have them on “favorites” and they have a “note”…when I close and reopen the app, they will be removed from “favorites” but will still have the “note”. If I add them back to “favorites” after reopening the app, then close + reopen it again; the friend “note” will disappear but they will have remained on “favorites”. When I add the friend “note” back…the same process happens over again. This one particular friend that it’s happening to is a very close friend of mine so keeping them on “favorites” with a “note” is important to me.

I was asked to make a report on the forums by a GM from a WoW ticket I submitted 2 days ago.

Sorry for the long explanation, I hope this gets some attention!


My friend just ran into this today and I did some testing as well. I haven’t used the Favorites feature before so I don’t know if it has worked correctly before, but currently whichever data point (Favorite or not, or Note text) is modified last seems to completely wipe out the other or at least make it unavailable from the server.

This happens both with the desktop app and with WoW. While the program is open, it remembers both data points if they were modified during the session (regardless of which program the modifications were made in), but once it is restarted and needs to load the data from the servers, it only gets the data point that was more recently modified.


The app only remembering the data points from the ‘current’ session sounds to be the case because what you described is exactly what is happening to me, too…although I haven’t tested putting the friend note in while they weren’t on favorites (but I don’t think it matters because its all under the same ‘one’ issue that’s occurring).

I should also add that…yes it did remove the favorites and note in the battle net phone app, and then just the note in WoW. But it only does that to me when I close and reopen the desktop app.


I decided to test this again since it’s been a while and it appears this issue has been fixed. I added a note, then added favorite flag, restarted WoW and both note and favorite flag were there. I modified note again, closed both WoW and Battlenet desktop app, and after relaunching the desktop app both note and favorite flag are still there.