Friend locked out of account

I need a mods help.

A friend has recently paid for game time on a US server. He lives in Asia but did live in and play EU previously.

He had the authentication app on his old phone but since lost and replaced that phone.

Now when he goes to log in to Battle net it tells him to check his authentication app.

If he goes to download the app on his phone it says words to the effect of this app is going to be discontinued. Download the battle net app.

When he downloads and opens the battle net app it asks for an authentication code from the authentication app. A brutal loop.

He has tried to get in touch with a GM but can’t get into his account as he needs the authentication app.

He has emailed them through the link to remove the authenticator but gets the same copy pasted email from blizzard. He answers this and their questions then gets nothing back.

Any advice on how to proceed?


Suggest to your friend to create a brand new account and to contact Blizzard Support with a ticket and ask them to remove the authenticator from the old account.

He/she will need to provide lots of information… things like license keys for games on that account, name, address, phone number… not easy I suspect but worth a try.

Good luck to your friend.