Friend list avatars missing completely

Hello there!

I am having a weird bug for a few days now. My friend list has no avatars showing anymore alongside any of my friends’ names, not even the “standard avatar” icons (aka. no avatar). There’s just empty, transparent fields showing up at each spot.

This is including my own at the very top. I can still change it, I see the pencil when I hover over it, and the selection menu works just fine. But even after a change, I won’t see my avatar, or any others.

I tried clearing the Battle.Net cache folder and reinstalling completely. Nothing has changed.

What can I do?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Same here! for a couple of days now…

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just in case someone still have this issue, you uninstall battlenet app and reinstall it and it should work now! Enjoy!

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Nice, reinstalling it actually worked this time! Thanks for the update!