Fraud: Mac Users Diablo 4

Mac users like myself pre paid for this game… spent hundreds and still can’t play. Blizzard stated we could play 6/6/2023 and yet we still can’t… so stealing our money? Fix this Blizzard or give us our money back.


I feel exactly the same way.

World of Warcraft classic is still a solid Mac OS experience.

Pretty weird to post this on the Diablo 1 forum

yes and no. I mean this really does apply to all the classic games they are basically locking us out on. I don’t even know how many cd’s of diablo 1 and 2 I bought over the years and then re-bought when they feel an update is finally worth it. Now that MS is in charge I see apple silicon getting frozen out of anything classic/remade that was originally available for Mac. Which is weird considering there is most likely iOS versions in the DEV data somewhere (speculation) hiding that can easily be converted to MacOS.