Frame too small when making purchase

I was going to resubscribe today, and ran into an issue. I’m with the bank Natwest, and sometimes need to authenticate a purchase on the mobile app. To do this, I go into the app, approve, then click ‘Continue’ at the payment site.

However, the frame for doing this on is too small, and I was unable to scroll down to the ‘Continue’ button after approving in the app. I attached an image when I made a ticket about this, but I can’t add links here so can’t demonstrate.

Eventually I managed to get the payment to go through, but this is probably something for the web developers to look at.

Having the same issue. I fill out my details and can’t scroll down to press continue after I’ve approved the transaction in my app.


For future reference, I suppose… to post links, you need to first convert them to “Preformatted text” by:

  • putting the full link in your post as you would normally,
  • highlighting the entire link, and
  • clicking on the </> button on the formatting bar at the top of the composition window.

A link converted to preformatted text will look like this :
and cannot be clicked on… but your readers can copy-paste it in their browser to view the screenshot.

Best of luck in your games !

When you go back to the blizzard page, with the box, click inside and press tab, it should scroll to the continue button.


Thank you for this, you’re a G!