FR: 9.1 Best Tyrannical / Best Fortified Mythic+ API

It looks like we now have access to 9.1’s new Mythic+ scoring data in the Character Mythic Keystone Profile API.

However, these endpoints only give the total score, and two results for each dungeon: the best timed run, and the best over-time run, regardless of which affixes applied during the run.

I’d like the Character Mythic Keystone Profile APIs to give the best Tyrannical and best Fortified run for each dungeon. This would allow an API user to breakdown characters’ Mythic+ scores in this new algorithm, and offer suggestions about how they can improve their score (ie: “your low run of $DUNGEON is dragging down your score”).

It looks like third-party sites like RaiderIO work around this by constantly scraping recent runs from the WoW APIs, and then calculate it locally. This isn’t a feasible solution for an application that is only periodically running reports, and has limited state.


Seconded - I’d love to be able to display fort/tyr and highlight “it’s Tyrannical week, you can get a bunch of score if you go do X Y and Z dungeons”!


Agreed. Best timed/untimed made sense in a world of needing to time all +15s. Now that the run score for each split of a dungeon is relevant, Try/Fort would appear to be the split point which makes sense. I have a chart on the guild site which tracks who has what rating, so we can focus on specific dungeons and levels to help members get KSM, but when the API will only give me one of them if they’re both timed, it’s far less useful. Thus I’ve had to cut over to using raider .io’s better structured results for now on these queries.