Forced to install

First of all, I do not care about any feedback to this. Just let me use bnet mobile app as another authenficator since I presume, that the develeopment for the old app will be halted. Please do tell me if i presume this one wrong and do give an approximation on how long you will sustain develeopment of the old authenticator!

So… topic: since a few days you are prompted to install bnet mobile to handle authentication.
I did that and tried to get the app to be just another authenticator - meaning that I want to disable social bnet(links to fb, ig and twatter), disable handling my account, disable chats, lounges and the friendslist altogether, configure push-messages to only authentification based messages - at this point you get the picture what I want:
Another plain old simple authenticator-app - like the one we already have, which is exactly what I want!

But you cannot configure any of that adequately. To be precise I did not fiddle longer thatn 5 minutes with this app. But so far my points negatively inflicting upon my experience with this app are:
My status of the app (DND) is always set, even after having the app closed for 20 min. It changes, if I go online in the desktop version of bnet and is reseting the status i gave in the app (Keep in mind I do not want to appear online in bnet if I am using the app).
The Feedback within the app is redirecting to the boards for the desktop bnet app and “classic games” which both are totally unrelated to the mobile app.
Currently I have both authenficators activated on my account, there is no guideline to adequately disconnect the old one after successfully connecting the new one.
The bnet app is not 2FA-“secured”, someone who has my phone can login into the app(which usually saves the login-information) change e-mail/phonenumbers and everything else since they only need the authenicator-code which is handily in the same app, they can just copy those codes and change the whole account like they want. This is in my opinion a major security breach and is removing the 2FA-“security”.

I hope you guys will seperate the authenticator app from the bnet again to keep some sense of 2FA alive for atleast those people who do not want the bnet mobile app.
Major tip: get another biometric criteria into the authenticator app, if applicable by phone-series, bevor being able to access and approve promts for login.

Enogh rant, have a nice day!

Regarding your concerns about the bnet mobile app, it’s unfortunate that you’re experiencing issues with the status setting and the feedback system. It can be frustrating when things don’t work as expected. I recommend reaching out to the app’s support team or posting your feedback on relevant forums or social media channels specifically dedicated to the mobile app. This way, your concerns are more likely to reach the right people who can address them.

In terms of security, I agree that having the authenticator app without proper 2FA protection could be a potential risk. It’s crucial for developers to prioritize user security and address any vulnerabilities promptly. I suggest bringing up this security concern to the app’s support team or through the official feedback channels. They should be able to provide you with more information about the measures they have in place or any plans to enhance security.

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