Fix for 'BLZBNTBGS000003F8' - "Connection to the Blizzard game server has been lost."

I was getting this error constantly. Before, during and after matches in both multiplayer and Warzone. I tried all the fixes I found on line, port forwarding, firewall rules etc. No luck. I used PIA VPN, allowed the launcher and game through my anti virus. Still disconnects anywhere from every 15 mins to every hour. I also tried contacting my ISP and doubling my bandwidth, and drilling a hole through my floor to get an Ethernet cable direct to my PC. Nada

5 days ago I uninstalled Malwarebytes, hasn’t happened since. Nowhere I could find online suggested this so I hope it helps someone. It was getting to the point where the game was unplayable.


BLZBNTBGS000003F8 ERROR can be caused by many causes and it is a connection outage that can be happening a lot on servers, ports or at home. In my case, it tried absolutely ALL of the solutions found on the internet over the course of a week and none solved random disconnects. My solution has finally been installed SELFISHNETV0.2 or (any program to control bandwidth) and restrict bandwidth for the rest of the devices in my house, (including mobile phones, chromecast …) and receive free access only to my PC For console users I suppose that installing the program on a separate PC tb would work.
I ended up connecting to the “tricky” activity services and fell when a device abused the band tether a bit. I have been literally playing all day and no random disconnection, although the rest of the errors are obviously still there.
This solution is not necessary for everyone, but since then it has worked for me. Hope it helps you.
PS: I tried tb installing a VPN service and I had less random disconnections but in return I got a high ping. Make sure your ethernet cable is in good condition (no nonsense)
Hope it helps you

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not saying this worked yet but i havent had a game crash since. under your firewall settings add to the excluded section on firewall security. this seemed to help me


For further assistance, please contact Activision Support or refer to the Modern Warfare forums.

While this error appears like a Blizzard error, it is not one of our errors. This happens in game and is related to the connection to the Call of Duty servers. Blizzard support can only assist with install and patching issues, please read this post for more details on our support for Call of Duty.

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No @Caterpepi this is actually your fault. You guys made a game that needs internet connection in order to play the campaign. You deserve the medal of stupidity.


Blizzard is not Activision and did not make the game, Customer Support members like Caterpepi and I do not design any of the games, and finally, this thread is 3 months old and you decided to resurrect it to provide toxic and non constructive criticism.

Perhaps you might consider what your objective for this post is. If you just want to be inflammatory, that’s not appropriate for our forums. If you’d actually like to submit some kind of suggestion or receive assistance, I highly recommend that you follow Caterpepi’s instructions, because we have neither the ability nor the desire to help you in light of this post.