Finding the best eGPU for Mac

Hello guys
I recently received an MAC mini as a present so I have to get the best out of it, I’m fully aware MACs are not gaming PCs.
I was wondering if you guys could help me find the best eGPU for that MAC.
Which one should I buy if I want to have the best experience in Shadowlands.


Look mate, I want you to have the best experience in shadowlands so here is what you’re going to do. Get a windows 10 pc with amd ryzen 2700x and Nvidia RTX 2070 super. Make sure to use a nvme drive and perhaps noctua cooling. Find a decent MSI or ASUS mobo and put some 3000 mhz ram (preferably 32 gb) to slap on it. You’re now done.

Finally, get a monitor with 144 hz minimum, and 1 ms refresh rate.

anything short of those specs and you may as well not play.

Hey, gerry1106! There are limitations with with eGPUs for Macs because of proprietary drivers needed, but as Blizzard Technical Support, we can’t recommend hardware or specific systems.

The desktop app forums are primarily for desktop application issues, so there may be less traction and response here. I’d recommend to ask on our World of WarCraft Mac Technical forums instead. We have a really great community - and passionate mac users - who’d be more than willing to answer any questions and recommendations if you’d prefer.