FEATURE REQUEST: Skirmish Rating

I’d like to request “SKIRMISH” be added to the possible options of pvp_bracket/{2V2,3V3,RBG}.

It used to be available, I have a program that helps people (sub rated arena) see their rating. The field was called ARENA_BRACKET_2V2_SKIRMISH (2v2 and 3v3 was the same rating for skirmish).

It is still a calculated field, I can pull this information via a script in game:
/run InspectUnit(“target”)InspectFrameTab2:Click()C_Timer.After(1,function()local a,b,c=GetInspectArenaData(5)print(format("%s, %s %d, %s (%d%% winrate)",ARENA_BATTLES_2V2,PVP_RATING,a,PVP_RECORD_DESCRIPTION:format(c,b-c),100*c/b))end)

Right now, the call for pvp_bracket or pvp_summary is not returning any arena information, if the user has not done a rated game.

Thank you!


There’s a pretty large community of people (20s) that would really love this feature to come back.

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