[Feature request] Party API for communities

I’ts a common case, when members of some community are going to play a game.

Examples of a community:

  • Streamer’s audience (subday)
  • Thematic Discord server

There is no problems with tools that will bring people together. The thing is, that users have to deal with list of battle tags. i.e. manually add each other to party/friends.

Would be nice to have API to automate this:

  • Send request to friends
  • Ingame invite to party
  • Create lobby
  • Invite to lobby
  • and so on

To prevent abuse it’s would be fine to make such API “disabled by default”.
Consider a case:

  • Community “X” wants use Party API.
  • User A and user B are members of X.
  • A and B grants permission scope(oauth) of Party API to X.
  • User C doesn’t grant.


  • A can invite B
  • B can invite A
  • A or B can’t invite C.
  • C can’t invite A or B.

By “invite” I mean scenario when user interacts with UI/UX of some App managed by X e.g. Discord bot.

Target games: actually all blizzard’ multiplayer games (why not).


Seems interesting. I want to add that 3rd party tournaments would benefit from such API too. For now all these manipulations with battletag (manual inviting, creating lobby/party) is realy tedious.


This post reminds me Hearthstone In-game Tournaments which were put on hold due to

…everyone’s expectations or the high standards we have for Hearthstone.

In case of API, no one have high expectations from 3rd party developers.

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