Failed to connect to server

Failed to connect to server.

Tried queueing with a friend, always results in one of us having “failed to connect to server” is there an reason reason that this could be happening?

Things I’ve tried to fix it (both me and my 2 friends)

  • Reinstall & Overwatch
  • Run as administrator
  • Restart my router
  • Restart my PC

To put it in perspective, if I’m queued with friend 1, I get into a game and he doesn’t. Same thing goes for with friend 2, but I get the error message.

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I am getting the same problem, when I queue with console players and I’m on pc. Only the pc players get into a game, while the console players fail to connect.

One of you may have a bad route to the server you’re being matched to.

However, this is the Bnet desktop app forum, not Overwatch. If you want further assistance with Overwatch questions, please ask in that game title’s forum.

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