Faerlina/Benediction Transfers

With the free character transfers between Benediction and Faerlina recently closing, I was wondering if Blizzard will open up paid transfers between the two servers any time soon. I missed the free option by 1 day (Finally decided to do it on the Monday before and was getting my character ready, then when I went to push it though transfers were closed the next day).

The shop appears to be bugged on these realms as well. It still shows thee option for the free transfer, but wont let you enter a destination realm. If there transfers are gone, the option should be removed in the shop (It’s not there on other realms that don’t have available transfers).

For people who want to maintain a character on these high pop realms, but who also want to faction change, transferring between the two is really the only option.

Please keep the community updated on any plans to open transfers again.


Same here Salfa,

I paid for the faction change with hopes of moving my main back to Benediction after testing out the horde with the free migration from Bene → Faerlina. Because of the 30 day cool down on faction xfer I now have an Alli on Faerlina that is unplayable. When the 30 days are up I guess I’ll pay for another faction xfer and stay Horde Faerlina while all my friends are on Alli Bene.


I want to know how to buy the original game of Diablo 2 on the Russian server. Can the customer service tell me?