Experience with tech support

I made a support ticket asking for 2 thing 1) an explanation as for the action taken on my account since all it said was breaking code of conduct which is a blanket statement if you go read the code of conduct and 2) Is there something I can provide to help lift the action since I was at work all day everyday for the past month almost. It took 3 days for a response and all I got was a half baked response only telling me what the reasoning was and even then half of the supposed reasons was things that are said in game on a daily basis and are just parts of the game even top 500s say imconfused as to wether or not people review the cases or if you just slap a name on an automated message to make it look such way overall 3/10 communication was slow and little effort was put in to actually talking and reviewing the case (tldr; The messages look like a robot made them and part of the support ticket was clearly ignored)

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