Excessive Support Initial Response Time

I recognize this is effectively talking into the void, but Blizzard needs to do something about initial ticket response time.

Since there’s no one you can directly contact with Blizzard, maybe I’ll get lucky, win the lottery, and someone important will notice what I’m posting here and follow up.

Currently trying to have a friend’s account issues sorted so they can be part of the Dragonflight release. Ticket I submitted a week ago on this is US88134469. Still no initial response on it.

Based on what I’ve seen here, that’s not uncommon, but it should be. I want to be excited about coming back, but it’s hard to sell people on coming back when it takes this long to address a login issue.

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I came here looking for some sort of resolution for my husband’s support tickets. He has been waiting a week for support to just get logged in. He would love to start giving Blizzard some money. shrug

I wouldn’t hold your breath. They will tell you they are swamped but that’s the excuse they have been giving since the game’s support was created. As much money as this game brings in they have no care in the world in helping those who have real problems.

Just an update on where this ticket is at, still awaiting resolution.

Have received two responses in the last 20 days, neither of which addressed the concern on the ticket. (Basically just cut and paste responses.)

The lack of ability to effectively reach anyone in support is a strong argument for why email/web support systems are not effective.

Phone support is expensive, and thus there is incentive to actually resolve the issue so people don’t call back.

Also, if you are providing phone support, there are legal requirements around how a call must be handled. The same does not exist for email/chat/web based support.

Text automated (or minimal human cut and paste response) is cheap and thus looks great on a accounting spreadsheet - but it doesn’t typically solve real issues.

The hard truth is, whatever leadership is responsible for this support is aware of just how bad it is. Results like these (and a willingness to allow them) is what happens when people in charge are more interested in generating quick cash than providing a quality product.


Final update on this item. Gave up. Cancelled my subscription.

Took a month to get two cut and paste responses. One was to go to the forum and look for an answer, and the second was to have my friend submit a ticket.

Clearly Activision Blizzard doesn’t care about their customers or the product. I would say they should be ashamed, but leadership that allows this doesn’t have shame.