Everytime I open battlenet I need a 30gb update

Hi, I don’t play every day. Usually once a week. Anyway the other week I opened the game and needed a 30gb update. I thought that’s strange since I already downloaded a massive update a few days earlier. I tried to play last night, and it needed another 30gb update, so I downloaded it and it was successful. I then opened battlenet today and it requires another 30gb update. Surely this is some kind of problem??? The game is not really fit for purpose if you need a 30gb update every few days. The system requirements are misleading as per download quote and HDD space. This game has been virtually unplayable for me due to the updates. Please help me fix it!!! This is on PC.


No its not a issue

The game released a 30GB update today.

The game releases updates regularly, and the updates are big in size

Actually you’re wrong, it is very much an issue.

The size and frequency is one thing, but when the system is fundamentally broken and doesn’t download at full speeds/frequently stops it then becomes a huge issue.

This current patch has taken me around 5 hours to download (and still hasn’t finished!) because it keeps stopping and capping the speeds at 100kbps…

This is an issue they’ve known about for MONTHS now and nothing is sorted.


Yup. I won’t ever be purchasing another game on Blizzard after this. I am absolute tired of struggling to download ridiculous sized patches when I have gigabit internet. I can download perfectly fine from anywhere else except for this piece of garbage store. It has taken me over over 10 hours to complete this download. I had to babysit it all day.

Next week they will release another 30GB update. And the week after that. And it won’t ever stop. Because the developers are utterly useless and cannot update a game without changing tons of packages instead of just swapping out or adding what needs to be added.

They must of hired these clowns straight out of college.

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You’re right - the game should be free with all the bandwidth its constantly taking up. How can they possibly justify all these massive “updates”.
And sound still doesn’t work in warzone

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I’m uninstalling the game right now. (Over 182gb as I’m typing this). I refuse to download such large files, but hey It was fun while it lasted.


2 Days in a row I try and play - guess what, another freaking update