EU nordic code 34203

i’m in EU nordic, getting code 34203 while logging in to my servers. but if i’m using a VPN to NA then i can log in without problems. i’m also noticing that other EU members can play, it’s just seems like the server i’m connecting to, won’t allow me to join. have my region been missed?

Ask on the D4 Europe region forums ?

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I have the same issues. my friends are all playing and I get 34203…

reinstalled, restartet, restartet PC, tryed LAN/WLAN/Hotspot from phone, turning Proxy off, running as admin, other language, deleting cache…

i think we just have to wait and hope

it will 100% work if you use a VPN for US ip. and you will be able to play.

buuuuut, i feel it’s weird all other servers but mine is working

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