Estimated time remaining for download/update

Hello I am wondering why you are not incorporating estimated download time in your client. I am pretty sure the algorithm or equation is quite easy.

You see you take the total download size example (10 GB) convert it to MB.
Which is 10 * 1000 = 10,000 MB. Next we take the total amount in MB and divide by the current download speed in MB per second. So for example the download speed is 2 MB/s, that makes our equation 10,000/2 which will give us the total seconds needed to download that is 5000 seconds. Then you divide the total seconds needed to download the file and divide by 60 to give us the total amount in minutes. For our example that means 5000/60 = 83.33 Minutes. Furthermore you can divide the minutes by 60 again to give the download time needed in hours. So finally 83.33 / 60 = 1.38 Hours.

It should be Easy to Implement into the client.
This has been great glad to have helped, Entrepaneer Signing out.


By far my least favorite post of all time. Good job.

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What is wrong with wanting something so simple?
It baffles me that it doesn’t exist, one of the minor things that make using battlenet obnoxious.


Actually 1 GB is more closely downgraded to 1019Mb. So the equation you gave would give a horribly inaccurate guess. That being said I agree with you. It’s the 21st century, Blizzard should be able to add an ETA timer for their downloads, like every other platform on the market.