Hello, I receive error code BLZBNTBGS7FFFFF00 every time I launch the game and am unable to connect to the Blizzard servers.

Troubleshooting steps:
-Relaunched game
-Launched as admin
-Performed repair
-Performed ipconfig /flush dns, ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew in admin cmd
-Restarted modem and router
-Restarted PC
-Tested wired and wireless connection
-Tried connecting through a VPN
-Uninstalled/Re-Installed on different drive
-Referenced: from activision support twitter
-Cleared/deleted cache/ folders
-Opened port 3074
-Swapped DNS from cloudflare to google
-Updated Battlenet launcher to Beta
-Uninstalled Battlenet launcher and game
-Reinstalled Battlenet launcher and game
-Latest GRD has been installed
-I was able to connect/load Diablo 3
-Other people in the household are able to connect to the Modern Warfare servers on Playstation

Any suggestions on what I should do next? I saw someone else on twitter reference the same error code/having the same issues but no response from the activision twitter support team.

Edit: I forgot to mention, I also tried logging into the EU and Asian servers as well with no luck

Edit 2: Ended up doing a clean install of windows and was able to login. Made more comments in a reddit thread:

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Hello I realized it’s been 12 days now since you posted this, have you been successful in getting the game operational or were further attempts futile? I installed the game last night and i have received the same error. I am wondering if I should request a refund until the error is resolved or wait for 6 months with an non-played game that i paid for.

Same here, I did everything that you do and still cant connect do the server, but for me does not appear an error code, just the button to exit to desktop

Same here… Is there any solution?

Heya, I had the same issue, and tried switching regions from America to Asia, and it worked!