Error code: BLZBNTBGS00004666

I have two separate account because I had to make another one but on this one I’ve updated my account with my number by removing it from the other account but it still says its tied to the account I removed it from. Even though when I go into my accounts everything is setup how its supposed to.


I have the same problem but i cant find a fix to it. have you managed to fix it?


I have the same problem.

i tried every things and nothing works.


same problem here, I tried everything but nothing works


Same problem here contacted both blizzard and activision and both trows the ball at each other for the problem, buckle up both of them dont care about players that payed the game on one platform but want to play it on a new platform without paying twice.

original subscribed platform PSN
registered an activision account to log in on playstation
then added account to it
added phone number to
logged in my activision account to make sure all of them are linked
logged in account to play on PC
code BLZBNTGS00004666 saying my phone number was already used on an other device.

i have the same lag please help i dont know what i need to do i switch the phone number five time and nothing de error stay there

I also have the same issue, have tried linking the accounts together but it doesnt fix the issue. Very frustrating.

Tengo el mismo problema, a pesar de que use dos distintos números me sigue saliendo que mi segunda cuenta con el nuevo número está asociado y no entiendo por qué

Same issue. And after many back and forth messages with Blizzard, it is perfectly clear that they could care less about the problem or finding a true solution. Not realizing that we are paying customers that can now no longer log in and by things through their “free” games.

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still no solution ? I need my dose !!!

I have the same issue too! Will have to use steam instead sigh