Error code: BLZBNTBGS000003F3

I played CoD Warzone a couple of times before that Error code BLZBNTBGS000003F3 message showed. I can only quit to desktop. I tried reinstalling and CoD. Also my internet works fine, everything else works smooth. Plz help somebody.
Im on EU, I tried loggin into America & Asia but the same error comes.


I have the same thing can anyone help us with this?

This error is not a Blizzard error, even though it may look like so. This error is caused by connection issues to the Call of Duty servers. The connection troubleshooting steps on our support article may help, but if the problem continues, please contact Activision Support or refer to the Modern Warfare forums.

For Call of Duty, Blizzard Technical Support are only able to offer support for install, patch, or connection issues with the Blizzard Application. Issues with crashing, performance, or connecting to the Call of Duty servers will need to refer to Activision support.

Hello, I wanted to tell you that I too have this problem I did everything you said but its still not working. If you have an answer to this problem, I will answer your questions. I wish you a good evening.


As caterpepi mentioned, we don’t do technical support for in game issues with Call of Duty. You’ll want to contact them if the things she mentioned previously didn’t work.