Error Code: BLZBNTAGT0000084B


I ve recently run into this issue so i have completely reinstalled my windows using original image from MS site, first thing i do after reinstall i ve installed app and click on install HoTS, error appeared again, i ve check rights on folder and those are correctly set, i ve also started app as admin giving me the same error code. When running windows in safe mode it gives same error.

Please help me,



Mistake were made on enduser side, after reinstall i moved my documents file path to already existing folder on different X:\ drive and did not notice folder Heores of the Storm was there already, after i checked, it was really missing the admin rights, so i renamed folder to something else so it will be correctly re-created.

Guys check your path ownership X:\users\documents\Heroes of the Storm

@Blizzard - maybe worth mentioning also this thing in error troubleshooting?


Hi there,
I can confirm this fix. It is completely independent of the game install location.
step by step:

  1. locate the directory within “my documents”, e.g. F:\myuser\Documents\StarCraft II
  2. rename it, e.g. F:\myuser\Documents\StarCraft II_renamed
  3. start the game update via app
  4. launch SC II :heart_eyes:

We found the solution by looking at the log files (can be collected with LogGoblin), see - Blizzard-Kundendienst
It seems that the installer is accessing the user “my documents” directory.
:exclamation: The given error message “We couldn’t access a folder. This is usually because you’re not logged in as an administrator. Error Code: BLZBNTAGT0000084B” should contain the name of the inaccessible directory!


Thank you so much for this suggestion worked like a charm been trying to update and/or reinstall Heroes from the Storm for months now this fixed it.

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Thank you SO MUCH! You saved my nerves!