Error code: BLZBNTAGT0000084B

Unable to install/update/repair and I tried all of the things online. After I couldn’t update or repair I tried reinstalling it but after uninstalling, I wasn’t even able to install the game. I was able to install it again by creating a different administrative user on my PC but when I login as my normal user it says I need to “update” which I’m unable to do.
Note: I am able to play the game from the other user, but if I have to log out and login to a different user every time I want to play a game then I’d rather never play.

Related-ish - I am also unable to submit any tickets online for some reason. I’ve filled it in completely (not my first ticket) and it never submits. I’ve tried on different browsers as well.

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I had this problem too and I solved it by changing the Owner of the Documents/Starcraft II folder, from whatever to me.

More info :

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Yes! I just resolved it by changing the owner as well. It didn’t work initially but I also selected “administrators” instead of my specific user. Once I selected the correct user it worked normally again.

I am having the same problem but when I change the folder permissions that changes nothing.

Also the installation button immediately deletes the folder when I click it