Error code 1016

You people just utterly suck at this.

So you are posting about a generic internet disconnection error on Battlenet 2.0 (Diablo 3) on the Diablo 1 forums? Did I get that right?

You might want to try Diablo 3 Tech Support.

Would it matter? I’m thinking not.

Well, if you want anyone to actually consider helping you, it might matter. If you just want to call the D3 team bad while posting on the D1 forums then I guess it does not matter.

Truthfully though, Blizzard does not control the internet and there are hundreds of things that can cause a generic disconnection error. Unless it is happening on the servers Blizz controls, they can’t actually fix it. Checking the TS forum is a good option though - it will show you if there is a sudden surge of DCs today which might indicate a widespread current issue.

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