Error Code: 0x00001338 ( 10509 ) N

I open the game and then loads the smallest amount than comes up with
Error Code: 0x00001338 ( 10509 ) N

Ive tried Everything to Sort It and nothing works

Sort this game out. paid extra to get it Early Access Beta and cant even play it. Better give us Beta Rewards!!! Absolutely Fuming!!!


I know what youre feeling, i have the same issue but nothing has resolved it and we’re already a full day down off the beta.

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same issue I wish the devs would respond and listen to us. It’s already been 2 days and still no fix

its been 2 days now

Got it working (no guarantee that it works for you too):

  • Inside the main “Call of Duty” directory (for me under “D:\Blizzard\Call of Duty”) open the "_beta_" folder

  • Locate and run the "cod.exe" file as admin (Rightclick: Run as administrator)

It worked for me and i could setup the game/option. It crashed after the setup, but after starting the game once like that, it now starts normal via launcher and is working.

Hope this helps someone. Good luck :slight_smile:

Did anyone get their game to work cause I’m about to lose my flipping mind over here

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this issue has been happening to me throughout the MW2 BETA and the campaign early access. i paid $100 to just not be able to play early at all. the game just immediately crashes before the game even launches. it’s ridiculous at this point that this issue has not been resolved. i have tried pretty much anything you can think of to try and fix it myself but nothing has worked for me so far. any suggestions would be very appreciated. (SPECS: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, Driver Version 522.25, AMD Ryzen 5 5600G with Radeon Graphics, 16GB RAM, Microsoft Windows 11 Home.)

I can not run COD19 on, reporting error code: 0x00001338 (10509) N. But I can run COD19 on steam, I don’t understand why?

Ive been trying to fix this issue for the past 10 hours there seems to be no fix. I have updated my windows and done everything in between to try and get my game to work. I have contacted support but it says itll take 4 business days to get a response due to high volume.

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I had the same issue same error code. Tried everything. Eventually reinstalled windows 10. and it worked. You can reinstall windows 10 without losing any apps. Watch the video below is saved me after hours of headaches. Hope this helps.

i managed to get the game to work!!!

what i did was deleted the game on and bought it on steam and installed it. i figured that if it did not work on steam then i would just try different methods or just refund it. turns out it launched perfectly fine with no issues.

i recommend giving it a shot because you can always refund it on steam as long as you haven’t owned the game for 14 days and havent played for more than 2 hours. (just on steam of course) best of luck to everyone having issues