Error BLZBNTBNA00000012

I keep getting this error when trying to open Vanguard.

I’ve already completely reinstalled it and repaired it. But this keeps appearing

Generally, this error appears when the install or patching is corrupted. There are countless guides on YouTube for addressing this, including which files to delete in the Documents folder on Windows.

This did not help me at all…

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I’m having the same issue with warzone…uninstalled/reinstalled checked for updates and ran repair tool still same message.

find the MW folder on whatever drive you have it on, the easier way to Find it is going to cog icon from bnet go to show in explore once you see the folder, make a new folder and drag and drop MW into that folder, head back into battlenet and it will say “install” under that it will say locate game, click on locate game and find the folder you just made and open and click mw that should fix the issue, it fixed mine.

Still aint working, I keep getting a black screen smh

I have the same issue and tried everything mentioned above, but it still doesn’t work