Error BLZBNTBGS000003F8

Since last update, I have this error very often, I cannot even connect for 10 min to COLD WAR or MODERN WARFARE until it desconnection with error BLZBNTBGS000003F8. Lost connection with Blizzard Servers.


error blzbnbgs000003f8 I HAVING THE SAME ERROR … u find how to fix it bro ?

tengo el mismo error codigo BLZBNTBGS000003F8

Same error here, annoying servers crashing down every 10-15 minutes for no reason, I’ve checked and switched to 3 different networks, connected LAN and wireless, even test on different machines but nothing seems to solve it, the duo Plunder seems to be the crashing reason I guess, that’s the only thing that changed on the latest update.

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Same, error and (disconnected from the server)

Imposible jugar WOW, MW, desconecta cada 10 min y menos… Dinero de vuelta por favor.

Impossible to play WOW, MW, disconnect every 10 min and less … Money back please.


desde ayer lo mismo, den alguna respuesta, hasta cuando esperamos ???

Lo que te dicen en Blizzard es que es problema de Activisión y te mandan un link para acceder a soporte técnico de activisión, una vez tu accedes las soluciones de Activisión son links a páginas de Blizzard… gracioso… El problema apareció desde la última actualización de en windows, quieren hacerte creer que es tu conexión a internet o tu equipo cuando absolutamente todos los demás juegos funcionan sin cortes.
Estoy seguro que el problema es porque en la tarde me conecte mediante a Warzone, una vez en el lobby pase a la ventana de e hice un Log Out de la app… pude jugar 2 horas seguidas sin problemas aunque luego volvió a desconectarse, pero confirma que el problema es la app Triste que nadie de solución y que sobretodo todos sabemos que desde que actualizaron viene el problema.


mismo error… !! no dan soluciones de blizzard blattlenet !!

el soporte de activision da una solucion momentanea pero cada cierto tiempo hay que volver a aplicarla ( 30 min )

And what can you expect from such a company?
They are amateurs who have no idea about servers

Your explanation is RIGHT!
The BattleNet is disconecting but HOW FIX IT?

The same problem, with this error, has been happening to me since Wednesday. I log into the game, stay online for just a few minutes and get the error message BLZBNTAGT00000BB8. I have Call of Duty Warzone since the beginning of 2020 and Black Ops Cold War since last year and I have NEVER had this problem.
If anyone knows a solution, PLEASE HELP ME, PLEASE, as I have FORMATED the PC and checked ALL the game files several times, and have even released ALL the Firewall ports, but even so, the problem persists !!

I have the same problem here, since last app update. It’s clearly the app error because it happens with ervery game.

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The same thing happens to me, since yesterday, I hope you can remedy this soon


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Exactly! Here, it also only started to give this problem after the update of the BattleNet launcher! I contacted Activision and Blizzard and so far NO response. I have 3 days with this problem

Hey guys! I receibed a repply from Blizzard:

“”"My name is Tech Specialist Game Master ----- Thanks for reaching out to us on this connection issue.

I know this connection problem is not fun and hope it is resolved soon. As a note, we are seeing this on all our games and may be a backbone issue out of the area.

While this tends to be something we refer to Activision, I felt it was good to let you know the problem is a bit more wide spread.

Thanks for giving us a chance to work with you."""

As i said its a issue, beacause now it is happening to WOW players, but they still trying to blame activisión, And WOW is not an Activisión software. I hope they roll back to the older versión.

Es imposible conectarse, me tiene cansado. Y eso que he comprado los juegos, skins, paquetes de armas todo, no puedo entrar, me da error de conexion. Es frustrante.