Error: blzbntbgs000003f8

Hi Everyone,

i am writing this post because blizzard is going to make me crazy with their servers.
after cod modern warfare halloween update for me is at least impossible to play the game.

At first the ERROR 3F8 appears every 30-40 minutes, now every 10 minutes the game crashes.

i have tried all the guides on the forum, youtube but noting seems to work.
i tried using a VPN, it seems to go bettter but it crashes the same.
please someone can help me? i am playing with PC from Italy.
this is really insane


I have the same problem… I’m in Canada.


Same issue for the last 3 days. I also have tried all the solutions on the forums with no luck.

same issue here anybody get it fixed yet

Same issue since two weeks ! BLZBNTBGS000003F8 disconnected from the server all the time.

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Same error:

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Hey all,

Due to CoD belonging to Activision, thses disconnection errors are something that you’d need to contact Activision about. You can start the process here.

Same problem here Europe, problem occurs both, europe and america region, i have this issur for one week, never had it before.

I tried absolutely everything on the net, from Ip reset to netsh, nothing works, seems to be purely from Blizzards side

Already contact activision the 100% sure it’s blizzard authentification server issue, its been a long time you posted a ticket about it, you just never fixed it… just admit, i can read it from march to August… just FIX, you got money.


this is not an Activision problem. battle net app keeps disconnecting constantly, and i have tried all the fixes even got a new router

Same problem here in Brazil i’m triyng to play Warzone for the last weeks and i can’t…

And i can’t download anything from the Blizzard web page because it’s stop in the 50% every time

Please fix it or i’ll need to leave my game…

If when you drop from CoD your launcher also disconnects, that’s an issue that Bliz is investigating. You can add yourself and the requested info to this thread.

If you are only dropping from CoD but nothing else, that needs to be taken up with Activision’s Support.

no my launcher disconnects every time i see in my second monitor

In that case you want to add your self and the requested info to this main thread over in the BDA Tech Support forum. (It’s the same one I linked above.)

me too homie and they havent done anything to fix it. I pre ordered cold war and I’m just tryna play the goddam game

Is this on battle net servers? Is the error code Blz by coincidence?

I played for weeks having no issue, then 2 weeks ago it started and about 10 minutes into a match, I get the Blz—f83 error.

I uninstalled, reinstalled, port forwarded through my router, tried killing all firewalls, got all the updates for windows and nvidia, bought a new ethernet cable, reset router and modem.

Don’t know if there’s anything else I can do on my end.

same error code ,I have no problem logging in to my friend’s account, my own account is not working, and my friend’s login to my account is also this error code

I have the same problem as well.

blzbntbgs000003f8 - Same issue