Error: BLZBNTBGS000003F8? Blizzard, are you going to look into this?

Hi Blizzard and Community

There are many of us experiencing BLZBNTBGS000003F8 disconnections while playing any Modern Warfare, Coldwar or Warzone and it is clear there is a problem. Why hasn’t anything been done to resolve this error???

Some users have found a resolution by using a VPN, which clearly provides some clarity the servers are part of this problem.

I have a wired connection, updated every driver on my brand new system, closed programs that run in the background, port forwarded the required connections and loaded the ports into the Windows10 firewall to prevent any problems and still experience BLZBNTBGS000003F8 disconnections every 1-2 hours.

Is anyone going to provide any assistance than telling us to update our drivers or turning our routers on and then off again, this is getting old.

For me the Battlenet App makes my ethernet connection crash. I can only regain my internet connection by by rebooting but then the BLZ…03F8 error keeps popping up.

Success using a VPN does not indicate server issues. All a VPN does is change the route your data takes - it still goes to the same place though. It is like taking a detour around an accident or construction on a road.

If you have issues with an Activision game you will need to work with Activision on it. Blizzard does not make their games and can’t fix their games or servers.

You can read the pinned thread here for explanations and links.

The issue is with Blizzard - the battlnet app loses connection and forces the CoD connection to close.