Error BLZBNTAGT00001389 when I try to update COD

Hi, for 2 days including today I have this error BLZBNTAGT00001389 when I try to update COD on battlenet. I have this problem only with COD. I followed all instructions and reinstall client battlenet and still have this problem.

I hear you’re facing the BLZBNTAGT00001389 error for two days now, specifically when updating COD on That’s definitely annoying, especially since it only seems to be affecting COD. You mentioned trying all the standard troubleshooting steps, including reinstalling, which is great!

Let’s try some COD-specific solutions. First, close any programs that might conflict with during updates, like cloud backup software. Second, within the app, run the “Scan and Repair” tool specifically for COD. This can fix corrupted game files.

If those don’t work, there’s one more option: deleting the Tools folder. This forces to rebuild potentially outdated or corrupt files that might be causing the issue. You can find instructions on how to do this on Blizzard’s support website [search BLZBNTAGT00001389].