Error BLZBNTAGT000008A4


Can’t download patch for classic wow. Tried swapping my connection to my phone as a hotspot to rule out anything on my end connection wise, help please!


I’m having the same issue, I have tried everything on the support page. Only WoW is having the issue, I did a patch on Overwatch, and on HotS and they both worked normally, when I click on Update on WoW Classic I get this error. BLZBNTAGT00000BB8


Same for me. I tried everything that was in the support article to troubleshoot the issue.


Tengo exactamente el mismo error. Me pasa con ambas versiones de WoW, los demas juegos si me dejan descargarlos.


Same problem as of this morning. I played last night with no problem, apparently a minor update came out, and now I am unable to update. Any fixes for this issue? I’ve attempted restarting router, computer; disabling firewall… to no avail.