Error 7000 cannot whisper

Cannot send whispers in text chat.
Receive error 7000 upon attempting to send Whisper on PC app and on Phone app. Consistent for several days, (Sept 6-10). Have uninstalled and re-installed, checked settings and Social, sent in ticket. No parent controls --my 93 year old mom wouldn’t dare! :wink:

Ticket produced response that I must be blocked…however,

no-one has blocked me. I have asked them, (Husband, son and best friend), and they checked in case of accident. This occurs with more than one person (everyone on my list that I have tried).

Thanks in advance.

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I have the exact same problem, have you gotten it fixed and if not, has blizzard told you anything if you’ve attempted reaching out? :sweat_smile:

same problem and still no reply anybody found fix ?