Error 5001 & Customer Support

I highly recommend any one using this app uninstall immediately; I installed it and ever since have been getting error 5001 unable to add friends due to an internal issue.

I was advised to read an article that had instructions that were impossible to follow due to directions to icons and options that DONT EXIST.

Upon informing them of this I was told to submit bug reports, but there are no bug eeports just this forum where no one with this same issue is getting help.

I was also told I shoukd use their authenticator to “keep my account safe.” My account WAS safe before using the app!!

Ive never had so many issues with Overwatch as I have since 2 came out. I love this game more than life itself, but at this rate I may just stop playing if much more happens with the server, bugs and toxic people who arent getting dealt with no matter how many people report them.


I’m having similar issues. It’s astounding that they didn’t really test their app. Like it’s a social app. And it doesn’t work for social things. How in the world

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First off EeveeRose, I love your name. I’m a Pokemon nerd to. Second. Their authenticator app for iPhones are currently STUCK in maddening , insane loops in logins instead of going straight to the code. sighs These guys… really.