Error 4884C87A-11DB-46A7-BA11-9DAF539A2AFA

I keep getting this error code when trying to load diablo iv. 4884C87A-11DB-46A7-BA11-9DAF539A2AFA Ive tried making sure that my game is up to date and all files are installed correctly. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game to no avail. If anyone has had this issue or knows what it is or how to fix it please let me know.


This forum is for feedback and suggestion on the Battle.Net Desktop App – the “Launcher”. Blizzard rarely replies here, so this isn’t a good place to ask for help and support.

Diablo IV has its own forums and its own Technical Support forum where you can ask for help. The code you are getting is known as a “Crash ID”… it’s a number which Blizzard can use to get more details on your crash. The Crash ID does not indicate the reason for the crash or the source of the problem… it’s just a number. Also, only Blizzard has access to the crash report – so the number is not too useful when asking for help on a forum.

At this point, there are a few alternatives you can attempt:

  • There is some troubleshooting that you can try here:
  • You can post on the Diablo IV Technical Support forum; when you do, it is a good idea to provide a DxDiag report so the community has some idea of your PC system configuration; you will find the Diablo IV Technical Support forum here:

Good luck with this !