Early access Beta- Diablo IV

It is now 5 after 9am, pacific time… Why is Diablo IV still telling me I cannot play the game at this time?? Anyone else having this issue?


Ah same here. Hope they fix the issue soon!

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same here, cant launch the game

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Same here on the east coast

This did the trick, I forgot that battle.net app is in the little tray to the bottom right. I closed it out there, reopened, and the play button is good to press now! Thanks!

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such a sad world we live in where you are so disappointed in not being able to join 5 minutes after release. Disappointed enough to come to the forum and make a post about it. You should try growing up

I’m sorry this triggered you. Such a sad world where you don’t expect things to run on time. You should try growing up. :rofl:

Anyone with PS5 make it past the que and then received the code 300008?

Yo Blizzard where the hell is y’all at??? It’s been 10 years!!! Y’all couldn’t have dropped the ball with this early beta this bad…