Duels not working

All of a sudden I can’t get into my duels. Was playing fine earlier today but now when I hit resume it goes nowhere. Please please fix. Thank you.


Same issue. I completed a Duels run on rogue. The screen now will not allow me to pick up my rewards or to start a new Duels game but simply freezes. I can’t go back from the screen, and the only option is to restart. When I do, and go back to the Duels screen, I get a button that says ‘Resume’. On clicking it, the same problem occurs. This has been the case for 18 hours or so now. I have restarted both Hearthstone and my computer, and the same issue occurs on mobile.

I’ve encountered the same problem as well after finishing my last hearthstone run. Also please nerf the new alliance duels character… nothing comes even close to him.

I have the same problem since yesterday.

I have the same problem, will not let me resume!!!

Same problem. I closed the app during a run. When I reopen to play duels again, it crashes. I’ve restarted everything. Tried on a computer. Uninstall and re-installed. Nothing.

Same issue as stated above.

Same issue, happens whether I’m on PC or mobile. I hit ‘Resume’ then freezes, goes nowhere. I love Duels, please help fix.

Same problem since two days ago. Anyone else with the same problem playing on a Huawei mobile device?

same problem to me
since five days ago

same here, has been going on for 3 days

Same here and i basically only play duels going on day 4 now im very dissapointed in blizzard lately … after stealing breast milk now they cant even keep hearthstone running well…

Me too, Duels is my favourite game mode and now I can’t play it. So frustrated!

I have cleared my cache as well as some of the other no brainer things people could do. Any update on this issue @blizzard #support-site-feedback