Dragonflight profession recipes crafted item id?


I am working on an app that relies on the profession API.

When I fetch a recipe from Dragonflight, there is no crafted_item. There was for shadowlands so I am wondering, is meant to be this way?

Is there a way to link an item created by a recipe? Am I missing something here?

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Same here.
I am assuming that this is related to the crafting/profession changes…

Hi all,

Has anyone found a way to get the crafted item id? When I look at Recipes like Obsidian Seared Crusher I get

There is no information on the item created by the spell.

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Having the same issue. The recipe lookup gives the id of the recipe, not the resulting item. e.g. Azureweave Mantle gives an id of 47227 though the item id is 193520

Here is a list of Dragonflight crafted items, their recipe ids, skill tier ids and item ids.


The API is just embarrassingly bad for this area. I thought I could use the item API but no, it’s throttled and it can’t search on strings so a search for “Primal Molten Warglaive” pulls down 1000 recipes with the word primal in the title spread over 10 pages and it stops during “Primal Gladiator” so you get nothing. What a joke.

I’ve made a horrible hack using wowhead. We shouldn’t have to abuse fan sites to get this data but here we are.

/me is done ranting.

I am adding my voice to the chorus on this one. Feels like a really useful piece of data to include in the recipe info that was overlooked. Would love if we could get an update to include the item IDs on these.

I am currently writing a small app that gathers usefull guildies’ crafts for DF.
I am stuck with the same issue : not being able to identify a craft from it’s recipe.
Thank you Firesong for the workaround.

Sorry guys. There were mistakes in my original list but the current version ought to be correct. Please refresh it before using.