Dragonflight Items API endpoint - Item quality

In short I cannot find any way to tell the difference between, for example, Hochenblume (ID:191462) and Hochenblume (ID:191460). I compared the diff between my 2 responses and the only differences are the lines containing the Ids.

So far I thought about :

  1. Checking the icons to see if the quality stars are on them. That’d be enough for my own use-case but they aren’t.

  2. Using the Ids, in the hope that quality 1 would have the lowest Id and quality 3 would have the highest. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it won’t work (See serverite ores IDs 190394-190396).

  3. Using the profession API to check if the Refine recipes would refer to the created item Ids. It turns out these aren’t recipes but spells and that there’s nothing about the item Ids they use or create.

Now I don’t know what else I could use and I’m very close to just hard code the whole thing although I don’t like the idea of maintaining this throughout the expansion.

Maybe someone can tell me if I missed something? If not, are there any plans to update the API to support the Dragonflight items qualities?

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Same problem, and the recipes no tell about crafted item, and the modified slots for reagents quantities, and if is optional :S

hey, im having same problem, did you ever figure it out? or did you end up hard coding it manually for each dragonflight item?

item crafting quality has not been added to the api except for user equipment this is unfortunate that this was not added and would have been nice to have