Dragonflight beta

I just was accepted into the Beta for Dragonflight. I’m sure I will not be popular with my opinions, but so be it. I have done every single beta except for the very first WOW, and this one is kinda letting me down a bit.
Firstly the UI is terrible, not very efficient or as nice as what we are currently using. The look is so cheap and thoughtless looking. I sincerely hope they will keep it as is or give a button to change it to the old one. I do not like the way the Horde Dracthyr female looks like a human, I hope it gets a more Horde original look. The Alliance and Horde ones look exactly the same. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of energy put into making the *Visage * forms original and faction appropiate. That’s my experience so far. I hope it gets better.


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warcraft logs made me post here.

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It’s garbage, other than dragonflighing which is fun. I die all the time on quests to mobs due to them being spaced too close together and hitting way to hard. It is not fun at all, just frustraiting. I will not be continuing to play this expansion at all

Ever get it working?