Dracthyr Server Transfer/Deletion Problem

So, several months ago I made a Dracthyr on the Alliance side, waiting for when my partner was going to play her Dracthyr.
We never got around to it, and so, I paid for a server transfer, made a Horde Dracthyr on another server and then transferred it to my regular server and leveled the Horde one to 70.
So, two Dracthyr, one Horde maxed, one Alliance unplayed.
Then came Pandaria: Remix. Classes and specs my partner had never tried before started to appeal to her (she even started playing melee classes!). I figured, hey, let’s play Dracthyr through Remix.
So, I deleted my unplayed Alliance Dracthyr because, only one dracthyr per realm.
I tried to make a Dracthyr, and nope, can’t do that. I already have a Dracthyr.
Fine, I made another Dracthyr on another realm and got a server transfer.
Your dracthyr doesn’t have the correct level. But it is level 10.
Fine, I go back to my original server and try to restore my deleted Dracthyr.

We are unable to process this at this time.

So, just to be clear, I followed the rules. I had done this back in the day with Demon Hunters since I wanted more than one on a realm (Horde and Alliance) and there was no problem then.

So, do I get my NEW Dracthyr? Or, do I get my old one restored and just play this Remix Dracthyr on another server? Or, am I royally screwed?


Thanks Leviathan. Do I repost this there, or do y’all move it? I am sorry for not knowing how much of this works. I rarely have issues…

Report it there.

Posts can be moved within a franchise’s own forums, but not moved between franchises.

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Hi x23 Fixit redhammer here with another suggestion once again…

Firstly make 2 vendor one in orgimmar one in stormwind with 1650 1700 1750 1800 etc arena ratings gear purchasable with gold

Secondly when in travincial near compelling orb if you mix certain things in cube such as tp scroll gems or uniques a monster spawns there dropping valued items

Thirdly make battleground leaderboards from players level 10 all the way to 70 where kills and deaths mark your way to the top.