Download Speeds Horribly Slow

Before you link or tag anything - I’ve read them all and have done all of the potential fixes. None of them worked; it was just a Blizz Launcher/Server issue.

MW2 update took me 3 fkin hours. Average download speed of 3mbps. I have 1G fiber internet. I was downloading updates on Steam at 300mpbs WHILE waiting on the MW2 update to finish. Once MW2 finally finished, I updated WoW. Sat in “initializing” for about 15 minutes before actually going through. Average download speed of 150kbps.

I do not have any download limits on, I even tried disabling firewalls and other shields during the downloads. I literally tried everything I knew to do other than driving to CA and hard wiring my PC to Blizz systems and manually moving the files over.

I know it wasn’t an ISP issue or any DNS or log issues because, like I said, download speeds were normal on other applications. And I don’t have any viruses or malware, either.

What kind of sick joke is this? Multi-billion-dollar company that can’t provide the network infrastructure needed for their consumers to be able to readily and efficiently update their software? Seriously?


Absolute trash… Tried downloading Warzone 2 through steam and it finished in 20 minutes, meanwhile my version just stuck at 200 KB/S been stuck at 30% for 2 hours now…


Same issue here and it seems that VPNs in different regions may help I dont own a vpn so I tired changing my global server, and im getting better download speeds on the EU server when I live in the US. Some of the weirdest stuff I’ve seen, I used 500mb of free data through a vpn and it increased my speeds from 100kb/s to about 5mb/s. I don’t understand how the blizzard infrastructure wasn’t prepared or can’t support game releases and download traffic.

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same here, been downloading since 11am started at 1mb/s now hovering around 200kb/s…

VPN to Los Angeles location… getting anywhere from 25-40 MB/s now… game is at 85% after about 30 mins compared to 3 hours in the 30%.

I made a post about this as well and for some reason mine was taken down, it’s crap. This has been going on for years and it’s never been fixed. One of the biggest AAA game developers and can’t fix a small problem with download speeds.

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They too busy counting the money in their pockets.

Scum company


Anyone got solutions cuz i got the same problem. My internet is very well, and now for some reason im downloading mw2 and warzone2 with 200kbps. I’ve been downloading this sh1 for 2hours and it got me 2% XD

we give this company LITERALLY billions of dollars and they can’t reinvest our investments in advancing their server technology and capabilities so this doesn’t happen? I’m quite sure we all understand the mega surge in download requests, but isn’t this one of the reasons we support the shift to micro-transactions? It’s disgusting that they still charge the same price for new releases, and then build in MT’s and even then have the utter lack of foresight to invest our money into systems and developments that can support these levels of demands.

Blizzard and Activision need to pull their heads out of their asses.


can u write it down again?

i have downloaded .5 gigabytes in 40 minutes on this site…at the same time, i went to steam and downloaded the entire warzone game and it was playable in 10 minutes…wtf blizzard!!!

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UPDATE: i have downloaded a vpn and connected to LA im now at 60% after 35 minutes.

right, but you have to buy it again…? i’m not spending $140 on MW2

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wz2 is free on steam

they conjoined them on battlenet like the DA’s they are that’s why the update is so big

warzone is a free to play game. just no multiplayer.

maybe if they even tried turning the servers off, then back on again…but no.

I have been having issues with nothing loading or taking forever to load. It started happening to me right after the first dragonflight patch

These are the 7 fastest and most straightforward things you can do to speed up your downloads.
Restart Your Router and Computer.
Fix Browser Issues.
Get Scanning.
Turn OFF Non-essential Devices.
Move Closer (Wi-Fi).
Switch to 5Ghz (Wi-Fi)
Switch to cable (Wi-Fi)

Rachel Gomez

This will be the last time I buy a game through battlenet, friend downloaded 25 gig patch in 10mins via steam while im stuck at 150kbps with a 1 gig fiber line. Horrible servers!!!

I did all this from last night and continued doing this 2 hours ago. Still stuck at the last 2%. The initial 98% was alright.,… took about an hour. This last 2% is downloading at 200kbps when I have 1GB connection. Moving over to Steam. This is ridiculous

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