Download speed is horrible!

I know a lot of people are downloading season4 of Warzone right now, but these download speeds are just an insult to modern day gaming !
I started at 1 or 2 MB/sec but currently It’s only 100KB/sec.
And it’s not a prime time hour here.

I would show some understanding if not for the fact that there is a small message on my blizzard launcher for over a MONTH now that says “we are aware of slow download speeds”



It sucks bro i got the same problem here no understanding at all for one Company like Blizzard/Activision 1 Euro servers for million of people !


Strangely enough, switching my region to Asia on the Bnet launcher bumped my speed up to 4MB/sec even though I’m central Europe. It’s still slow but better then nothing.

:edit: nvm it dropped down to 2MB/sec again :frowning:

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Same problem every patch… so ridiculous… small indie company…
You suck!


I am wondering how patch data is downloaded to client machines using the blizzard launcher? Is this done on a single connection connected to your download servers or do you use a “torrent” style system. If you dont use torrent style downloading for patch data would this not be a potential resolution to your ongoing current issues regarding downloading patches at present? It would mean that users would not be tied solely to downloading patches from your download servers but could also download chunks of packet data they dont have from other users thereby taking SOME strain off of you. I feel under current circumstances this would be of benefit to all.

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Yeah these download speeds are rediculous. I’ve left the computer alone for 3 hours and I’m only at 1%. Changed region from Europe to Asia and I’ve gone from 70KB/s to 3.5MB/s. But don’t worry folks, they’re aware of the problem, or so they’ve been saying for months.


Europe: 100kb/s
Asain: up to 6mb/s now amd still speed up

seems limited at 6mb/s :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Same problem, often speeds go down to 300kb/s then have to perform some dark magic dance by setting a speed limit of 200kb/s, pausing, starting again, then set limit to 0 (unlimited). Smaller patches (200-300mb) I get my max speed of 9MB/s, seems a problem with the bigger patches.

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Same problem for me too! Seems all-round problems for everybody downloading. I presume everyone has their ‘Network Bandwitdh’ setting, both set on zero? That’s what mine is…


Again they need to stop using these small launchers with unsopported backbones to distribute their games. Epic, Blizzard, both i see this on a regular basis.

terrible game launchers, with terrible networking capabilities, and no scaleable solutions. It’s as if they dont want money, because i am now buying other games because this download speed it will take 7-8 days to patch.

and i am now bying 2 steam games with money i 99% would have used ingame on skins etc. but now 0% chance of that…


Here in Italy the same, I have 1gbit/sec connection… The server are very slow, I tried all (EU, AS, US).


I really dont think yall understand the issues at hand lmao.

Its not a simple fix that they can just whip out of thin air.

Its a massive game that, when updates are released, has millions of players all trying to install it at the same time across the globe.

If you just wait until tomorrow and just have a little patience, the download speeds will be fine.

If it really bothers you that much, move to a console. They dont install from the service and therefore have a better overall download speed.

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this is the worst launcher app i have EVER used on the PC!! , EPIC games launcher even puts this to shame, its embarrassing how bad this is!! , why didn’t COD 2019 launch on Steam or Origin , then we could actually download updates at a decent pace!!


2,6 KB/s.
How to make your customers hate you to save a bit of money on the backdrop of “OH THE INTERNET CAN’T TAKE ALL THIS TRAFFIC” - Blues, your company is just f***ing this up big time. Also, profanity filter? Really?


This is not the first game that is played by millions of players. That’s not an excuse what so ever. This is just horrendous


It soook hard. So baad speed as Always from Blizzard. Embarrising . I have never seen a worse speed when dowloading patches from Blizzard. Have been like this every time there is a bigger patch. You need to rethink how u distribute this. At the moment i have 1.5 mb/s. I have a 500 Mb/s Connection. Frome time to time it can be so bad 15-20 kb/s or 0. It is so slow. Slower than a mobile download from 1990.

This is the last game i ever will by from you. Total fail.


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This is dead simple, i have had my download of warzone season 4, running since10 am GMT (British time) its now 18:00 in the afternoon simple maths for you, 8hrs,are you seriously taking the Pxxxxx, there is no reason what so ever for this to be the way its is downloading especially when i started it, and it was downloading at 7.5MBs and now its at 70 to 600Kbs, if this is what you call a srevice in this current global situation then its a joke,we are the people who need the support, so give us what we require, upgrade, set up, instal new servers to cope with the problem you have caused by not supporting what was possible from the get go , you say in you covid message that you are doing everything to keep us in contact ??? how im up to 8 hrs so far and havnt got half way through the 40 gig download so while im a key workier looking after people and making medical devices for the sick, i have to come home and put up with this junk because your doing your best ???


they got our $$$ and don’t seem to care how long it takes to DL these “updates”!
Maybe it;s time for them to upgrade their 5600 baud modem to the 21st century?