Would love to play the orignal dos versions with gravis ultrasound or Roland MT-32 music. Just feel those are the true originals.

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A fellow fan! I have my floppy disks still for Lost Vikings and Blackthorne. I play them via DOSBox. Not 100% authentic, but still awesome. I prefer it to these versions released in the arcade collection.

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Played Lost Vikings first time ever on an MS DOS PC from my Father :slight_smile:

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I feel the same way concerning Lost Vikings 2. I really like the added flavor the voices add. I’m doing what ParadiseLost is and using a PS1 emulator to enjoy my preferred version.

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Yes please.
Blackthorne DOS is the version I grew up with.

I think that would be a great idea. The DOS versions are so different from these versions, it would be well worth while to add them.

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Just because I’m curious: is there a reason the PS1 version is your preferred version of Norse by Norsewest? I have the Interplay published PC copy which comes with both DOS and Win95 versions. The Win95 version is a bit of a pain to run, so I just do the DOS version through DOSBOX. I never played the PS1 or SAT versions though… any differences?

I meant that I like the ports with the voices as opposed to the voice-less SNES version. When I said “preferred version”, I wasn’t referring to a specific console. Sorry for the slight confusion. I use the PSX version because the emulator I use never gives me any trouble and lets me use a controller, which is how I like to play the game.

I haven’t played the other versions, so I couldn’t tell you if there are any differences. I doubt it though, seeing as Norse by Norsewest is just the SNES version with a new coat of paint and a Viking that sounds like Major Glory.

Got it! Thanks for the explanation!

Some of the old console ports had big differences between them (Lost Vikings SNES vs GEN, Blackthorne SNES vs 32X), so I wasn’t sure if the PS1/SAT versions of Norse by Norsewest had any console exclusive stuff.