Would love to play the orignal dos versions with gravis ultrasound or Roland MT-32 music. Just feel those are the true originals.

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A fellow fan! I have my floppy disks still for Lost Vikings and Blackthorne. I play them via DOSBox. Not 100% authentic, but still awesome. I prefer it to these versions released in the arcade collection.

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Played Lost Vikings first time ever on an MS DOS PC from my Father :slight_smile:

I feel the same way concerning Lost Vikings 2. I really like the added flavor the voices add. Iā€™m doing what ParadiseLost is and using a PS1 emulator to enjoy my preferred version.

Yes please.
Blackthorne DOS is the version I grew up with.

I think that would be a great idea. The DOS versions are so different from these versions, it would be well worth while to add them.