Discount codes for refunds

It’d be great if people that bought products while they were on discount but they requested a refund as it was on the wrong region or it was the wrong game they bought, would receive a discount code for the same amount so they didn’t have to pay more after waiting for 7-28 days to get their money back from a refund.
An example: You see world of warcraft: shadowlands is on sale for 30% off, you buy it, it goes to the wrong region, you request a refund but that takes 7-28 days so in that time the price increases back to what it originally was, you don’t have any money to buy it again for the right region without waiting. Now imagine the same example, but this time they give you a discount code to use for the 30% BUT only for shadowlands, You spend the same amount of money, get the same product(maybe if 28 days have passed you can afford to buy the epic version with the 30% discount)And you’re having fun playing knowing you’ve saved money even tho it went wrong when you bought it first.