Disconnecting from overwatch every few minutes

Every few minutes or so I disconnect from Overwatch back to main menu and asks for email and password. Not sure if my internet or bug.

The same thing is happening to me. It’s been happening for several weeks.

Now, I’m being penalized with losing an endorsement level, even though I immediately try to log back in. I also received a 10 minute suspension in comp; my team had to fight it out 5 v 6 while I was frantically trying to rejoin.

OverWatch is the only game I have the problem with, and my son has the same problem on his PC downstairs. No problem with COD, or any other multiplayer.

If we can’t fix the DC problem, at least give us enough time to rejoin. Every so often I can get back in, so that tells me that the timeout is set too short.

Same here too. Play for few mins with perfect internet then the red icon appears and bam! Get kicked, and it becomes a pattern for me >:( Sorry Blizz but I am pissed