DigitalOcean Blacklisted?


I use DigitalOcean to host BlizzTrack and we noticed that we cannot talk to any services on the Battle Net domain… Everything on Blizzard domain works…

This effects everything from getting patch notes to game versions… To full on oauth… I know other people who use DigitalOcean are feeling the effects such as Elo Hell Workshop and OWMods…

i was wondering if there is a ETA to when the Blacklist will be lifted and this hurts a ton of services

What makes this hard is BlizzTrack handles 100,000s upon 100,000s of request a month that are unique and well… This kinda hurts the platform


I too have services on Digital Ocean that are no longer updating as of Saturday. Any information is greatly appreciated.


Well, I don’t want to rely or spread rumors but maybe it’s connected with with:

Anyway we need official Blizzard bluepost about DO blacklisted, because it’s quite popular among devs and migration to other hosting provider could be a real problem to all of us.


I echo this, at the moment no one can apply to our guild due to the data services being unavailable on DO.


They just blacklisted Linode last night. Smooth.


Hope we get some sort of confirmation behind this. Azure works from what I’ve seen, but is a little pricey in comparison.


Our guild alliance’s raid signup site is hosted on Linode and also having problems :frowning:


Appears to work now!


And, as of right now, the block is back in place again. This is ridiculous.


I received a ticket response from DigitalOcean, below:

Hello redacted,

Thank you for reaching out, and I apologize for the lengthy response time. This does look like a blacklisting of our IP address space from Blizzard. Unfortunately, this isn’t something we would have any influence on, and while I can confirm that our network admins have reached out to Blizzard, I do not have any more specific details for you, I’m afraid. The range and duration of any limits at third party networks is fully at the discretion of the remote network. In this case, the best option would be to check directly with the Blizzard network to see if there is any particular information they can offer that would help move this forward. I apologize for any inconvenience, and I hope that this is helpful. Should you have any further questions or concerns at all then please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Kind regards,
DigitalOcean Support

I fully expected that it’s outside their control, but I’m pleased that they have made representations to Blizzard. Would be nice if Blizzard would at least acknowledge this and keep us informed as to what they are doing to get things back to normal.


I made a proxy server to get around this right now on azure, if you use a small server you can get 12 months free


Thanks for the suggestion, Ruin! Very helpful. I’ve set up a small VM running Squid on Azure, and it’s working fine for now. It’s not a long-term solution though…


Glad to hear! That’s what we do at BlizzTrack, you can proxy the entire API along with oauth to it


My bot is once again able to use the API from Digital Ocean, at least for the moment.