Digital signature error .. MacOS-specific help needed!

I’m getting the “cannot verify digital signature” error, but the troubleshooting all seems geared towards Windows users.

Restarting did not work, and uninstalling and reinstalling did not work because it wouldn’t reinstall without the digital signature.

Another thread talked about a different support article that included deleting a bunch of auxiliary files, but i can’t seem to find that article. I asked for a link, but haven’t heard a response.

Would love to hear from someone else on Mac OS who has successfully solved this issue so that I can play again. :confused:

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Got exactly the same thing. I did see the article with the auxiliary files and deleted them but it didn’t help. I’ve got a feeling its something going on their end and I wish I hadn’t deleted the desktop app now and just waited for it to resolve. Usually the best way.

Me too. :frowning: I did the permanent, non-un-do-able version of it, per one of the troubleshooting recs, and now I feel like I’m in limbo.

Try to fix it with removing the /Users/Shared/ folder as in article 34719

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That did it!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

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